21 Things Bali Is Known For

As a fellow traveler, you might wonder what is Bali famous for and why so many people go there every year? 

Bali is a prominent tourist destination throughout the world. It is a small island in Indonesia’s enclave and one of the country’s roughly 17,500 islands. Bali is Indonesia’s most visited island, attracting a diverse range of people.

It is quickly becoming one of the top destinations for tourism in the world. According to US News, Bali is the 15th best destination to visit in the world. Bali is the best place for mountainous jungle rainforest, scuba diving, beaches, temples, surfing, yoga, and the vibe of the island.

Main reasons to visit Bali

Year-round, daytime temperatures range from 20 to 33 degrees Celsius. The west monsoon can produce torrential rains and high humidity from December to March, but days are still often bright, with rainfall beginning in the rest of this chapter and vanishing quickly.

The humidity is low from June to September, and the evenings may be rather chilly. The lowland coastal areas receive very little rain at this time of year.

Nature is full of beauty and Bali is also famous for its eye-catching environment. Tourists also visit this place due to multiple reasons.

Here are some reasons you must visit Bali: 

1. Bali has an incredible range of hotels, resorts, and villas.

Bali is still extremely affordable for most visitors from Western countries, especially when compared to their own countries. Prices in Bali are comparable to those in Bangkok and Phuket, two of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations. Accommodation is reasonably priced, and Bali is widely regarded for its high quality of service and friendly employees.

Travelers may immerse themselves in the vibrant social scene in popular neighborhoods or relax in one of the island’s boutique hotels, secluded private villas, or vacation rental homes.

2. Style, architecture, service, and value for money.

In Bali, accommodations are frequently created with natural principles in mind, employing local materials and traditional knowledge in wood carving, stonemasonry, and construction. Balinese art, furniture, and architecture may be seen in anything from modest family hotels to large resort vacations.

This approach is evident not just in the architecture but also in the way guests are handled. Balinese culture is welcoming, accommodating, and kind to visitors who have been coming to Bali for decades. It is a very unique setting, and the genuine Balinese warmth is breathtaking.

The number of vacation rentals and private villas for rent in Bali has exploded in recent years. Amazing luxury villas can be found in practically every district of Bali. Reservations are available for up to eight-bedroom homes with a spa, tennis court, and workout area. It’s similar to making your own hotel reservations.

However, even if you rent a two- or three-bedroom villa, the costs per room per night are typically lower than those of hotels and resorts. Relaxation and entertainment are never far away. Families may enjoy the kids’ playgrounds, lagoon pools, and even water slides at resorts and hotels. In most resorts and hotels, you may enjoy spa treatments, massages, shopping, group activities, and beach days.

Unique boutique hotels that mix local characteristics with international flair are available to those looking for something a little different. Bali is also a popular romantic vacation, and those searching for a quiet retreat may find it in a variety of locations and pricing ranges. 

3. Bali weather and seasons.

Before traveling on a vacation to an amazing location, the first thing you should do is check the weather forecast for your vacation dates. It is critical to conduct some research to ensure that your schedule corresponds to the predicted weather.

Traveling to Indonesia is an excellent way to experience the country’s many attractions. Indonesia’s most popular tourist destination is Bali, which is known for its natural beaches and cultural attractions. Almost the entire year, the weather in Bali is ideal for leisure and pleasure. Bali is located roughly eight degrees south of the equator.

The weather is hot and humid here. The Rainy Season and the dry season are the two main seasons. The dry season runs from April to September, and the rainy season runs from October to March. However, due to global warming and shifting climate phenomena around the world, these forecasts may not always come true.

During the dry season, it may rain sometimes, or you may enjoy blazing sun rays for an entire week during the rainy season. But don’t worry; Bali is still delightful in any weather as long as you maintain the holiday attitude.

4. Incredible friendly people, authentic hospitality at its best.

For the entire globe, hospitality in Bali is no longer a mystery. This magnificent island has a lot to offer in terms of tourism, including white sand beaches, underwater colorful coral reefs, lively waves for surfing, a calm lake surrounded by stunning mountains, flashy nightlife, soothing world-class spas, international festivals, and much more.

While people dressed in traditional clothing worship at the temple with honest smiles, you realize that hospitality is the biggest asset of this Island of Gods.

Many individuals have been drawn to Bali because of its potential and hospitality, whatever their motivations may be. Taking a brief trip to Bali might be really gratifying for some people

5. Variety of beaches all colors all styles.

The stunning beaches of Bali are one of its most well-known features. The island has several great beaches where visitors may enjoy a range of activities such as sunbathing, snorkeling, surfing, diving, and everything in between. Bali’s beaches, which offer tropical warmth and a welcoming sea, have been a major tourist attraction for over a century.

Bali’s beaches come in a variety of forms and sizes, with coarser sand on some and soft, fluffy sand on others. You can discover your ideal beach here someplace, whether it’s white sand or black sand.

Each of Bali’s four coastal zones has its own distinct beach. The color of the sands, for example, is one of several variables.

Following is the list of Bali’s famous beaches:

  • Beach in Seminyak
  • Beach in Kuta
  • Beach of Pasir Putih
  • Padang Beach Sanur Padang
  • Blue Point Beach, Balian Beach

6. Surfing in Bali.

Whether you’re a beginner wanting to try wave-riding in your first surf class, an experienced surfer trying to get barreled at one of Bali’s iconic spots, or a pro looking to put your tube-riding abilities and airs to the test while riding the world’s most perfect waves, Bali should be on everyone’s bucket list.

There are several amazing sites, like Uluwatu, which has the most spectacular vista for surfing. Suluban Beach is one of the beaches with simpler access. Before reaching the beach, you must descend stairs through local residents and eateries. It’s a small yet lovely rocky beach with a fantastic sunset view.

The temple, bombie, Peak, Racetracks, and The Outside Corner are five legendary waves. These areas are all break-left down the reef, with different parts that fluctuate with the swell size. Only experienced surfers should attempt this. The seabed is made mostly of jagged reefs. The greatest time to surf is during the dry season, which runs from May to September each year.

7. Sightseeing in Bali.

The distinctive Balinese Hindu culture is quite strong, which means that temples and monuments, as well as the palaces of past and present royal families, may be found throughout the island. Visitors are frequently welcomed to Balinese rites of all kinds, as well as traditional hobbies like bull racing.

Natural life abounds in the north’s national parks and the mountains’ botanical gardens. Visitors can visit well-known tourist destinations or seek refuge on secret sandy beaches, walk up volcanoes, or swim in rivers fed by mountain springs and waterfalls. The number of places to see and activities to do is practically limitless.

8. Bali nightlife.

The actual nightlife, like with most nightclub experiences, begins when everyone has had a couple of beers or bottles. There’s always something going on at Bali’s numerous beach clubs, nightclubs, and posh bars, which provide delectable drinks, imported beers, and delectable nibbles while allowing you to unwind and meet new people. The most popular nights for nightlife are Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

You don’t want to get dressed up for the evening and would rather stay in your t-shirt and shorts, For the ordinary partygoer, certain venues are more casual than others. You may even dress up in your finery so that everyone in the club is looking at you.


The variety of locations to go out for a night out is mind-boggling, as it is with so many things in Bali. On a bar hop or pub crawl, visit two or three different establishments until you locate the one that best suits your mood and preferences on any given day. Whatever your preferences are, whether it’s music, atmosphere, affordability, or the type of crowd you want to be with, Bali has you covered.

Reasonable prices

When it comes to partying, Bali offers excellent value for money, with reasonable drink costs for a fun night out Most venues don’t charge an entry fee, and clubs and venues have continued to improve their ambiance and services while investing in high-quality booze, despite the fact that imported alcohol can often pile up the price owing to import duties in a Muslim nation.

The throng

Bali has always attracted a diverse group of individuals. Visitors from all over the world who enjoy going out on the island of Bali are constantly mixing and searching for a good time. You’ll meet intriguing individuals from many walks of life, and the relaxed environment encourages everyone to be more open, energetic, and less introverted, making it simple to make new friends. For the single people out there, the discos and clubs always have an intriguing mix of locals, expatriates, and visitors from all over the world mixing and mingling.

9. Bali’s culture.

Balinese dance is a vibrant form of art with deep religious roots. It is an essential part of Balinese culture and serves as a means of communicating with the gods, either as a greeting to visiting gods or as a communication route in particular trance dances.

Traditional religion is still much alive in Bali, and the more than 20,000 temples that dot the Island of the Gods host daily rites that span life from birth to death. Balinese temples are architecturally and structurally distinctive, and they are constructed according to stringent guidelines.

Village groups ensure that their temples, which are an important element of Balinese culture, are lovely and well-maintained, and their appeal and deep spiritual force make them popular with visitors.

The paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and masonry saw around the island reflect the Balinese people’s distinct aesthetics. Their towns and locations of Bali are known for different crafts, and while Ubud is now considered the center of Balinese art, other types may be found around the island.

10. Balinese arts and handicrafts.

Bali is an incredibly artistic island where all residents do some sort of art. To them, that is a way of living, and they don’t see anything special about it, while the rest of the world is impressed.

Paintings from Bali

Bali is also known as the “artists’ island.” The island’s artistic culture is passed down from generation to generation. Traditionally, Balinese artists exclusively created sacred art to portray mythology.

Carving in wood and stone

Balinese wood carving is a centuries-old art style that has evolved and altered through time. Mas hamlet is known for its woodcarvings, and some of its master artists have achieved international fame.

Textiles from Bali

Endek clothing, also known as wastra endek, is a Balinese weft ikat textile that has maintained its durability and is still used for ritual/ceremony apparel, school uniforms, and workplace uniforms.

11. Culinary variety.

From cuisine and beverages to nighttime entertainment, it’s no exaggeration to state that Bali caters to a wide range of preferences and tastes. From Canggu’s profusion of coffee shops to Seminyak’s pretty congested boulevard full of bars to Kuta’s booming party scene.

The variation also extends to costs, which is why many people end up spending here because going out in Bali is far less expensive than in other countries. The options are unlimited, and it’s all up to you! You may rest convinced that the return on your investment will be worthwhile.

12. In Bali, pamper your body, mind, and soul.

Spas, health temples, massage parlors, yoga schools, tattoo parlors, and fitness classes are all well-known in Bali. And you’ve come to the perfect site if you want to enter into a spiritual world where alignment, wellness, harmony, and spirituality are physical sensations.

Because tolerance is ingrained in Bali’s DNA, it permits visitors from all over the world to provide a diverse range of experiences. For decades, Bali has been regarded as a destination where individuals may find what they’re seeking and where good change can occur.

If you want to get healthier, happier, or find yourself if you’ve lost yourself, Bali is the place to go.

13. Bali scuba diving.

Up north, the islands of  Nusa Menjangan, Lembongan, Penida, and Ceningan have some spectacular dive spots where both novices and expert scuba divers may explore the underwater world. The Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area was created to conserve this delicate ecology while yet allowing divers to experience Bali’s underwater world.

14. Adventure.

Bali is much more than just a sun, beach, and party destination. Bali is home to beautiful world-class family parks, animal parks, and attraction parks, as well as amazing traditional villages, wildlife, marine life, fascinating temples, beach, and much more. You may experience Bali off the beaten path on a private trip.

Rice fields, botanic gardens, and hot spring spas Climb the volcano on a bicycle or hiking expedition. The good news is that Bali is a small island, and while the roads are small, you can easily experience many of Bali’s wonders in 10-12 hours.

15. Bali for families and children.

Bali is home to beautiful family parks, world-class animal parks, and activities for children and families. Bali is a fantastic place for children to visit. Balinese people are particularly family-oriented and children-friendly.

Bali has an incredible selection of enjoyable activities for children of all ages. Whether you’re on vacation or just looking for something to do with your kids, you can be sure that there will be something interesting to do.

Balinese culture recognizes and treats children as tiny kings and queens, and your children will be welcomed with an open heart and warm smiles. New tourists may find it difficult to cope with the humid and hot atmosphere, weather, water, native food, and traffic. Bali is typically safe, however, several restrictions must be followed.

16. Water is everywhere.

For water sports and activities, Bali is a veritable mecca. Surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, yacht and boat rentals, banana boats, jet skis, whitewater rafting, stand-up paddling, canoeing, and glass-bottom boats are just a few of the activities available.

17. Bali shopping.

Because of the island’s exquisite traditional culture and emphasis on aesthetics, locally made handicrafts, fabrics, and art can be found everywhere. Products from all across Indonesia and Asia may be obtained at affordable costs, and a lively fashion scene has resulted from decades of international tourists.

Hundreds of modest individual stores and boutiques litter the streets of the touristy neighborhoods, while several well-stocked international malls have arisen throughout the years.

Bali is known for its great prices and variety of duty-free shopping, local art and handicraft, and international brand boutiques. Surfing Equipment, Fashion Furniture, and Décor Ornaments

18. Safety.

Low crime rates and well-established medical infrastructure come to Bali to learn, develop, expand, and heal through retreats, workshops, and seminars. Tolerance – The Balinese are exceedingly tolerant and welcoming

19. Budget-friendly destination.

Bali is a budget-friendly destination. After exploring much of Southeast Asia, we can say that Bali is one of the cheapest destinations to travel to. If you’re on a budget but still want a fun-filled experience, this should be a top reason to go to Bali!

Here are some of the prices that you can expect:

  • Eating local foods is affordable at $2-$5 USD as long as you don’t eat along the main tourist road. 
  • Guesthouses with private rooms and enclosed or shared bathrooms are inexpensive, costing $15-$25 per night. They also include a substantial breakfast. Another inexpensive alternative is to stay overnight in a hostel.
  • Renting a motorbike is $5-$6 per day. 
  • Many of the attractions charge a small admission fee, so you’ll pay between $2-$5 each.

20. Bali offers breathtaking rice terraces and fields.

Bali is an excellent spot to visit if you have never seen rice fields before. Seeing fresh rice leaves springing from the ground and layers of green rice terraces along the mountain has a distinct appeal. Rice is a cornerstone of Indonesian cuisine, so seeing the fields in person is humbling.

Due to the rice already being harvested and farmers preparing to burn the leftover stalks for the new rice season, the rice fields may be yellow or brown depending on when you arrive.

When driving across the island or even in larger places like Ubud’s Kajeng, you may easily see local rice farms.

Visit Tegalalang Rice Fields or Jatiluwih for tourist attractions. Jatiluwih is also noted for using the subak water irrigation method to irrigate its farms, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Indonesia.

21. The sunrises in Bali are breathtaking.

Bali offers a few notable dawn viewing locations for early risers. You’ll need to spend the night in the region because the dawn is on the east side of Bali. Pinggan Village and Bukit Cinta, which have Mount Batur in the background, are two of the best viewing sites. The sunrise can also be seen from the Campuhan Ridge Walk in Ubud and Pura Ulun Danu Beratan.

 One place to see the sunrise and also get your exercise done for the day is to trek up Mount Batur in the wee hours. It’s quite the experience hiking up the inactive volcano in the dark and then reaching the summit at 1,717 meters (5,633 feet) to see the Sunrise. 

To photograph the breathtaking dawn, you’ll need a hiking-friendly camera. Purples, oranges, and yellows shone in the sky during our stay.

Start planning your trip to Bali…

The island’s appeal is evident, from magnificent landscape and religious places to beach parties and a diverse population. It’s simple to see why holidaymakers and digital nomads flock to Bali. It is the best place to visit and everyone should go at least one time in their lifetime.

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